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Soulmate Bi-colour Ring

Soulmate Bi-colour Ring

Greek myth tells a story of men, born as pairs, so powerful and unruly that gods had them separated in fear of their might, leaving them in search for the other half their whole life.

The poetic tragedy is granted a blessed ending in Belinda Chang’s rendition in the form of fine jewellery.

Versed in 18k gold and fresh water pearls adjoined back to back, the couple hold strong onto a ring of gleaming gold, and vow never to be set apart ever again.

Dimension: approximately 8x13 mm
Material: freshwater pearls and 18K yellow gold

Kindly note that each piece may look slightly different due to the organic material. Feel free to request pictures of all available stock for your consideration.

Each piece is handmade to order, we will need 2 weeks time before the shipment, if you want to talk to us before purchase, feel free to contact us via

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