Belinda Chang Jewellery Collection

Belinda Chang jewellery Hong Kong


Foliage Collection, mirrors its namesake on multiple levels, creating the perfect metaphor. This collection sees organic lines converge as veins do on leaves, creating marquise shaped cavities. 





From silky white to glossy black, and the dazzling blue-greens in between, mother of pearl’s spectrum of lustre earned it a well-deserved place among precious jewels.


Greek myth tells a story of men, born as pairs, so powerful and unruly that gods had them separated in fear of their might, leaving them in search for the other half their whole life. The poetic tragedy is granted a blessed ending in Belinda Chang’s rendition in the form of fine jewellery.

Fruity pearl

Fruits and nuts as nature’s gift replenishes not just our body, but inspires Belinda to create her magnificent jewellery collections.  Composing her designs with ravishingly budding orbs of pearl and gold, her pieces are as eloquent as a fine piece of jewellery can ever be. Deriving from Belinda’s love for natural pearls, she had given new life to the classic combination that is, pearls and precious metal. In her new collection, she experimented with scale and juxtaposition of elements. Viewing from the front, bulbous pearls glimmers under light; from the back showcases the smooth metal finish, a sign of master craftsmanship. 


Inspired by flowers, fruits and other floral motifs, the designer articulates precious metal to imitate budding blossoms. The series of work shows the appreciation for mother nature; drawing parallels between the careful nurturing needed for plants to fruit and the dedication for making a piece of jewellery. The aesthetic value of the pearl series is created with the combination of the contemporary used of pearl and the simplicity of jewellery form. The minimal and gentle form offers customer a new visual and wearable experience.

First frost

The designer illustrates the sensations and the joys of winter in this collection. Tiny droplets of precious metal are carefully articulated to mimic the frozen drops of morning dew in the winter.


Tactility born from the cactus family, this collection explores the tactile possibilities of contemporary wearables. Pertaining to the Designer’s floral motifs that threads all of her creations, Cactile Collection takes inspiration from the scabrous surface of cacti.

The knot

Knots necklace demonstrates simplistic beauty at its best. The delicately placed gold knots sparkles among oxidised silver tubes, the composition also creates flexibility, allowing the necklace to sit fluently along the neckline.

Bubbling Sensations 

When the joys deep inside us manifests into a slight tingling, that’s when we know we see something perfect. The Bubbling Sensations Collection takes the frozen droplets of first frost to a whole new level, overwhelming us with clusters of beaded beauties. Countless orbs carved in staggering arrays and polished to a soft radiance is the signature charm of this collection.

RIBBOn & Braids

Metals are often thought of as a masculine material for its hardness.
At the right hands, however, they can be wonderfully expressive of feminine charm.
Swirling in endless spirals, the graceful curves. The 18k yellow gold hardware is moulded to twist around a string of freshwater pearls like a streamer for a playfully sophisticated aesthetic.

Baby pearl

A tribute to modest beginning of all pearls, and the oysters that gave us them. This duo of Baby Pearl Necklace and matching earrings favour the monochromatic scheme that echoes its humble roots. Interlocking hoops of baby pearls threaded to the ends of an oxidised silver tube, subtly hinting at the laborious life cycle of pearl oysters.