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Renaissance Series Sapphire Signet Ring

Renaissance Series Sapphire Signet Ring

Timeless and elegant perfectly captures the essence of this series. Inspired by Greco-Roman artefacts, these revived classics embody more than mere resemblance to the old-world masterpieces.

To honour the traditions of Goldsmithing, the artist retraced the ancient techniques of granulation, fusion and loop chain braiding among others to reinvent the historic glamour, and reclaim the modern era with their unique, time-honoured allure.

Dimension: top surface 9x11.5mm

Material: 1.36ct violet sapphire, 2 diamonds and signet ring in 18k gold

(Violet Sapphire brings the wisdom of spiritual awakening. Its noble energy helps diminish the unnecessary worries of the world and initiates a sense of peace and oneness, and is an excellent aid to meditation.)

This piece ships immediately in US size 6. Size changes might be subjected to extra charges, feel free to contact us before you purchase via

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