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Renaissance Series 22K Gold Large Amulet

Renaissance Series 22K Gold Large Amulet

Timeless and elegant perfectly captures the essence of this series. Inspired by Greco-Roman artefacts, these revived classics embody more than mere resemblance to the old-world masterpieces.

To honour the traditions of golds-mithing, the artist retraced the ancient techniques of granulation, fusion and loop chain braiding among others to reinvent the historic glamour, and reclaim the modern era with their unique, time-honoured allure.

Dimension: pendant approximately 9x15mm ~ 10 x 16mm (Pendant only)
Material: gemstone with 22K yellow gold 

Some pieces are ready to ship, please message us prior to confirm on exact stock. Newly made orders will require around 2 weeks of processing time before shipment. If you want to talk to us before purchase, feel free to contact us via

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