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Mini Stardust Ring

Mini Stardust Ring

Belinda gracefully captures the infinite beauty of the Cosmos to fit atop our fingers, thus becoming this mini stardust ring.

Dimension: band width approximate 1mm
Material: 2 sapphires with 18K yellow, white or rose gold 


18k Rose Gold, pink and red sapphires, US 3 3/4
18k Yellow Gold, white and green sapphires, US 6-
18k White Gold, white and green sapphires, US 5-
18k White Gold, blue and green sapphires, US 6-

Above pieces are ready to ship. Colours of gems and bands are customizable for custom orders. Newly made orders will require around 1-2 weeks of processing time before shipment. I
f you want to talk to us before purchase, feel free to contact us via

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