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Medley Earrings with Carved Pearls

Medley Earrings with Carved Pearls

The soft lustre of mother of pearl gives this collection its signature charisma. Set on sterling silver frames, the finely polished nacre gems give off a dreamy iridescence.

Amid the spectrum of lustre available to these prized jewels, the designer has carefully selected blanched pastel tones for a subtle yet elegant aesthetic.

Mismatched strips of nacre are pieced together into this medley of dreamy treasure. Viewed from different angles, the gem gleams in a variety of soft pastel hues.

Dimension: approximately 19x30mm
Material: mother of pearl, carved pearls with sterling silver 

Each piece is handmade to order, we will need 1-2 weeks time before the shipment. If you want to talk to us before purchase, feel free to contact us via 

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